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  • Claudia Reuter

Season 3: Episode 5

A Conversation with Sarah Boyd and Christopher Laughlin

This week, I had an opportunity to interview two professionals with fascinating careers, who are also navigating parenthood under lockdown.

Sarah, a Fulbright Scholar, is a women's rights policy expert, currently serving as Director of Global Advocacy for Data2x, an organization working to fill gender data gaps to ensure policymaking is more equitable. Chris is in the midst of completing an MBA program at MIT, where he has focused on innovation, entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial finance through the lenses of design thinking, analytics, digital transformation, and global impact.

Like millions of others, they are currently in lockdown, working to balance work and parenting. In our conversation, they shared more about their experiences, and how teamwork is more important than ever in relationships.

You can listen to the full episode below or wherever you get your podcasts.

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