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  • Claudia Reuter

Season 3: Episode 12

Looking Forward with Sabrina M. Tucker-Barrett

When we kicked off Season 3 of The 43 Percent, we did so a month into quarantine, with a new goal of not only getting more stories of what's possible for women navigating family and career out, but on how lockdown was impacting them. With kids suddenly popping into Zoom meetings, and millions facing sudden unemployment, it seemed like the right moment to share more about what is possible. Throughout the season, I've been fortunate to interview women including doulas, CEOs, and authors about their experiences.

In our final episode of the season, I had the opportunity to speak with Sabrina Tucker-Barrett, the CEO of Girls for Technology, a Connecticut-based non-profit that is committed to closing the gender gap in technology and engineering.

In quarantine, her business has flourished. Girls and women across the country have joined Sabrina’s programs that cover everything from building pitch decks to handling microaggressions in the office. And in uplifting these girls and women, in giving them a space to learn, and a platform to share their experiences, Sabrina teaches them: You are enough. You are valuable. And you will make a difference.

You can listen to the episode wherever you get your podcasts or in the link below.

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