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  • Claudia Reuter

Season 2: Episode 2: Moms in Politics, a Conversation with Rielly Karsh and Danielle Davies

In this episode, I had an opportunity to speak with Rielly Karsh and Danielle Davies, the founders of, a company focused on redefining motherhood in politics. In this conversation they shared their personal experiences and their paths to launching Moms-Running. Their mission is to support women interested in entering the political arena, and, in particular, to help reshape motherhood into an asset for candidates.

A mother of two young children, Rielly recently unseated a long-standing incumbent for her seat as a local Councilwoman in 2018. She is also the Municipal Chair of her local Democratic Committee, the Central Regional Director of Action Together New Jersey, and serves as the Chair of the Hunterdon County Democratic Women's Caucus. Danielle is a freelance writer, and a political mover and shaker. Also a mom of two children, Danielle, has served as the Communications Director for the Cape May County Regular Democratic Organization, the Southern Regional Director fo Action Together New Jersey, and as the Vice Chair of the Upper Township Democratic Club. You can listen to the full conversation below, or whereever you listen to podcasts here.


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