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Season 2: Episode 12: Dr. Pamela Stone

A Conversation with the Author of Opting Back In: What Really Happens When Mothers Go Back to Work

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Pamela Stone for our first live recording of The43Percent at the Helmsley Building in New York City as part of RXR Realty's Week of Women.

Dr. Stone is a Professor of Sociology at Hunter College and at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. She's contributed to numerous books and journals on topics including gender inequality in employment, occupational classification and measurement, job segregation, pay equity, and the work-family interface. She was also the recipient of a fellowship at the Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University, where she also served as Associate Director of the Radcliffe Public Policy Institute. She has also served as a Visiting Scholar at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University.

In her first book Opting Out? Why Women Really Quit Careers and Head Home, which Business Week hailed as "provacative, superbly researched and required reading", Pamela profiled multiple successful women, and their decisions to step away from the traditional workforce. In her new book, Opting Back In: What Really Happens When Mothers Go Back to Work, Pamela shared her research on what happened to those women later.

In our conversation, Pamela shared more on her research, and her own experience as a mom, navigating family and career. You can listen to the full episode below, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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