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  • Claudia Reuter

New & Noteworthy List

The 43 Percent was just highlighted on Apple's New & Noteworthy List, & shared by Stitcher.

After launching our first episode last week, I was incredibly appreciative to see positive feedback and enthusiasm across my social networks. I was also delighted to learn that Stitcher, one of the largest podcast platform's had decided to feature The 43 Percent as part of Women's History Month. Even better, we made #7 in their business category for top shows!

Last night, 'The 43 Percent' was highlighted on Apple's New & Noteworthy list as well, alongside familiar names like Deepak Chopra, Adam Grant and Keith Olbermann.

I'm thrilled by the positive attention that the podcast is receiving, and am confident that it's an indicator, that we're really on to something. While each person's story is unique, the challenges we face are common, and I think men and women are interested in hearing stories of how others have done it.

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