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  • Claudia Reuter

Episode 6: Erin McCoy Alarcon

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Attorney & Mediator, Erin McCoy Alarcon on Balancing Career, Self-Improvement and Special Needs

In this conversation, I had the opportunity to connect with Erin McCoy Alarcon. After rising the ranks to become a partner at a Boston law firm, Erin started her own mediation practice. In addition to running a business and providing mediation services to those in conflict, she also provides coaching to students at Boston College Law School and Suffolk University Law School.

As a mom to three boys, one of whom has special needs, Erin shared her path to partner and business owner, and the personal reasons she decided to step out to start her own practice. She also shared how access to ongoing education can be a form of self-care and her strategies to define and execute against goals.

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