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  • Claudia Reuter

Continuing the Conversation

Looking Back and Forward...

I started this podcast by sharing some of my own stories because I felt like there was a gap in the public dialogue. It seemed to me that there was a conversation brewing that centered on the choices that women make; lumping women into the 'lean-in' or 'lean-out' clubs. As someone who's done both, I know that neither path is straightforward, and choice seemed like the wrong word to me.

While mulling on this, I joined a conversation with some younger women at an event. I quickly realized that they were already daunted by college loans, and couldn't see how family would ever fit in their career paths. I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I thought if I could share more stories of the nuanced paths that careers can take over time, I might give some people more ideas on what they could do too. So I reached out to some respected colleagues and friends, and asked if they'd be willing to share their stories too. Not only did they say yes, but others started reaching out asking to share theirs as well.

I'm excited for what's up next in Season 2.. You can learn more by listening to this week's episode below, or wherever you listen to podcasts here. Thanks again to everyone who's joined the conversation so far! I'm thrilled to share what's next...

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