• Claudia Reuter

Season 3 Trailer

We're living in a new world, and we're launching a new season of The 43 Percent!

Last year, I set out to share more stories of what was possible for women navigating family and career. I was convinced that the common dialogue running in the mainstream media didn't reflect the more nuanced journeys of women navigating family and career. So I set out to share more stories of what was possible. I interviewed women including CEOs, authors, academics, lawyers, HR executives, and stay-at-home moms with a simple goal of shedding more light on what was possible.

But the world looks very different today than it did 2 seasons ago. The identities we've built for ourselves are suddenly and completely blurring. In this season I'm excited to speak with more women, and hear first-hand how everyone is navigating this new world where everyone is home. You can listen to the trailer wherever you get your podcasts or in the link below.

Thanks for listening!

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