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  • Claudia Reuter

Season 3: Episode 7

Stepping up with Minda Brusse

A former colleague reached out to me recently and suggested I connect with Minda Brusse for The43Percent. Less than one minute into my first conversation with her, I was so glad he had suggested it. In addition to working as the co-founder and Managing Director at First Row Ventures, and launching the $1K Project, Minda's a mom to twin teenagers, and incredibly open about her non-linear career path, parenthood and health.

In our conversation, she shared how she and Alex Iskold founded and launched the $1K Project to help families in need during the COVID-19 crisis in just the last 6 weeks.

She also shared her experiences as a young consultant in Silicon Valley, health complications, her path to being a stay-at-home parent of twins, and recent moves in the startup and venture world.

If you're interested in hearing how someone with an entrepreneurial mindset and bias for action can literally change the world for the better you won't want to miss this episode.

You can listen wherever you get your podcasts or in the link below.

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